Covid-19 Staying Safe

There  are no cricket-specific restrictions this season however the Club asks all players and visitors to behave responsibly and to show due consideration and respect for other people with respect to Covid.   There will be plenty of hand-sanitoiser  available and players are encourage to use it.    In common with many other clubs,  FPCC has decided on the early adoption of the new Law 41.3 which prohibits the use of saliva on the ball. 

Runs and Wickets for Ukraine

Appalled by the brutal war in Ukraine, the Committee has decided that we should donate 10p for every run scored and 50p for every wicket taken in our (fixture card) games to charities supporting the Ukrainian citizens affected by the Russian invasion.  This amount will be matched by an anonymous donor; other donors will also be welcome.  The Club will support the Disasters Emergency Community Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal this year.

The totals at 7 June 2022 were 2744 runs, 113 wickets £330.90 (x2) = £661.80