"It's all about momentum"....Skipper Nick Jennings tells it as it was.

It’s all about momentum, as FPCC follows its midweek victory over Shepton Montague with an 8 wicket win over “The Lobsters”.

In cloudy and uncertain conditions we lose the toss and the opposition elect to bat as the only farmer in our team assures me there’s no chance of rain.

Medlock opens from the Beckford end – the easy end - as I always tell him, but he has guile and craft and knows the slope and bowls accurately and cunningly . Ray “Lightning” Hayne follows from the pavilion end .

Jolyon the wizard starts with two maidens. Dark clouds threaten rain perhaps but Lightning is prepared and can swing it in these testing meteorological conditions. In his third over, he gets two wickets in two balls. We crowd in for the inevitable hat-trick and I remind him he’s up for a jug as the nervous new victim arrives at the square. Ray then bowls a loose full toss and the momentum has gone as the field moves out disappointed that there’s no free beer coming their way. But - next ball, Lightning clatters the stumps. We congratulate him with bitter banter.

From the easy end, the Wizard watches with admiration and then produces his own magic, picking up three wickets. As both opening bowlers complete their seven overs. (Medlock 7 -2 -3 19, Hayne 7- 0 -3 -26).

After 14 overs the Lobsters are looking cooked but have claws. They have a quality batsman in reserve who can play and as I turn to spin he smashes a quick 79 runs before I come on and bowl him as they post a total of 138 all out.

As we enjoy a lovely tea I ask my vice-captain Angus if he’d be happy to open. He’s happy. “You know me, Nick, I’ll just go out there and hit it.” I turn to Ewen Moore, a new player who has just joined the club and then shown how good a bowler he is. He says he can bat, so I ask him to open and cautiously nurse a good opening innings with the “see it and hit it” guy. He looks at me a bit nervously, then at Angus and I say just “bed in”. Asking who should be number one, I leave it to them.

Mr “see it hit it” elects to be number one, and then does what he always does, starts with a test book forward defensive prod. Job done. Next ball his electric blue eyes light up and he crashes a well-hit shot through mid-wicket’s breadbasket who’s never seen fast food come that quick and drops it. They run a single.

Next up on strike, Ewen Moore, the new man, instructed to be cautious. Nice defensive shot to start with, followed by a cracking shot straight to another fielder who again drops it.

At the end of that over, I am sure both batsmen were thinking what David Attenborough would have told them, “You can catch a lobster, but it can’t catch you”.

And to end this report, Angus “see it hit it” went on to score 62 runs before being bowled by a low one. Ewen scored 50 not out in a very good batting and bowling debut. Gabriel Sayles scored 27 not out.

Post match analysis: Ray Hayne shows some promise as a bowler but needs to improve his fielding in the deep! We only had ten men!

Let the momentum continue.

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