Tim Jones wins New Trophy

Tim Jones was the second recipient of the prestigious new "Bails Up" trophy on Friday following his highest ever score for the Club, 113 not out against SWW Hunt in the mud and rain, giving him a season's average so far of "infinity".

Sorry, that should be 13 not out. Josh White came a close second for hitting the ball so high that it was lost for several seconds in the cloud before coming to ground a yard from the boundary for the highest single in living memory.

Ashley Major was the first player to receive the award for his heroic innings against The Authors XI, where he was first forced to take a half hour break from batting following being struck in the mouth off a top edge which resulted in a lot of blood and a chipped incisor.

It is hoped that the new trophy, fashioned by expert craftsmen from two redundant bails, will be awarded by the captain after each game to the most deserving player on a purely subjective and ad hoc basis.

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