A Hot Centurion

A new name on the FPCC Honours Board will be centurion Ewen Moore for his 104 against Mere on 25 August. With shots all round the wicket, Moore's innings was described by team-mates as measured and accomplished, though the man himself described it as "lucky" in typically self-deprecating and modest fashion. Simon Prior (30) and Dave Roberts (24) were the other significant contributors to Fonthill's strong 220-6 against local rivals Mere. Mere responded steadily with 210-6, against a mostly tidy Fonthill attack, but couldn't quite make the 19 runs needed off the final over bowled by Holly White.

On the respective age-profiles of the two sideas, what Mere had in youth, Fonthill matched with "experience" as "senior" player Nick Jennings (4-49) wryly observed that he and Dave Roberts' combined ages probably exceeded that of more than half of the Mere youngsters. This was another good close game against Mere, closely contested but played with mutual respect and great spirit in the record-breaking heat of the August bank holiday. In conversation afterwards, Chilmark senior Brian Yeo agreed that over the years the balance of victories:defeats between the two teams was probably about 50:50, and they look forward to another close encounter next season, as we do too.

The previous weekend was a damp affair against Chilmark who were limited to 132, though Fonthill were unable to match the quality of their bowling with a strong enough batting performance to overhaul that modest total, their innings not helped by a torrential downpour which left the square very soggy and muddy. Chilmark do enjoy the quality of the Fonthill catering, apparently.

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