FPCC Golf Day 2020

Seven golfing titans met at Rushmore Golf Club to compete for the annual, and much coveted FPCC Golf trophy. The weather was gusty and windswept with intermittent showers but the banter, the camaraderie and the competition were better, as Joe Selby, Andrew Snell, Nick Jennings, Jon and Max Sealy, Will Scott-Masson and organiser Rupert Murray went forth.

Jon Sealy emerged the winner, parring on the 18th to win by a slender 2 point margin over Nick Jennings.

The pictures show a jubilant Jon Sealy at the 19th hole after receiving his trophy, putting to win on the 18th, Andrew Snell teeing off on the 14th where he parred 3, and three previous winners Will Scott-Masson, Rupert Murray and Jon Sealy.

Big thanks from all to Rupert for arranging and organising, and to each other for a great day out, and to Nick Jennings for the reportage and pictures.

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