New seating in the "Tait" gallery

We now have some wonderful new rustic seating on the top boundary to enhance the viewing pleasure of spectators at the ground. As with so many of the recent ground improvements the idea came from Dave Roberts. His friend, and frequent visitor to the Club, Chris Tait retired at the end of July after over 25 years service on the Fonthill Estate. Dave persuaded the Estate to provide and deliver three large seasoned oak logs to the ground and manouevre them into shallow footings dug by Dave and social members Goff Lewis and Geoff Tayler.

Jonnie Power cut flat tops into the logs and fashioned the larger middle one into a sofa shape, complete with armrests and beer holders. Dave then finished the surfaces with his plane and sander, ready for the great reveal at Chris's surprise retirement dinner in the pavilion.

The Estate said goodbye and thankyou to a loyal long-time worker, the man had a lovely surprise and a lasting legacy and the Club has some new seats, which will be surrounded by wild flowers next spring. The new "Tait gallery" in Chris's honour, summer 2021.

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